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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where are their sex parts again? by Graylin Fox

Welcome to my little post on this Valentine's Day.

My question going into any science fiction romance where alien species are involved is simple. Are they *ahem* built like us? I mean does tab P still go into slot V?

I'm currently writing a Science Fiction story called Deadly Beauty and my aliens, the Asrians, are plants that evolved through engineering. I've yet to describe their lovemaking process but it's plant based. So I'm headed back to my old science books on pollen and stuff to see how I can make that sexy. Then again, it's him, her, and the alien equivalent of a bumblebee. Does that count as a threesome? Well, I don't know either.. yet!

But I'm taking suggestions in the comments section. How would lab-created plant-based life forms make love and procreate... go! 

I'm very happy to have joined this little blog here with Jessica and Dawn. It's wonderful to shoot emails back and forth with strange ideas and have them "ooooed" over.. and we do. :)

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Arlene Webb


Barbara Elsborg said...

Plants making love? Well I can imagine long, slinky tendrils going into dark secret places, and a multi tendrilled plant (is there such a word?) could caress and soothe and tease all at the same time. Kind of like an octopus!

Unknown said...

I'm creating them.. so yeah, multi tendrilled is possible.

Anonymous said...

Hey Graylin! I'm from a different planet, and my pieces very much fit the same. But the Erebus are more plant-like and reproduce through the release of spores.

Kaye Manro said...

Nice concept for a story. Yeah, I see the tendrils sliding into dark places too. I can't wait to see what you do with this!

Jan said...

Awesome concept. Maybe they could be based on the kind of plant that uses wind as the carrier for their pollen? But instead of standing in the wind, they could dance to set the pollen free, so you'd have a sort of mating dance?

Anna said...

Plants and lovemaking. What about Zhaan on Farscape? She lovvvved sunshine. LOL.

It's more interesting if they plants don't look human.

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