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Friday, February 3, 2012

Science Fiction Romance Couples

Who is your favorite Science Fiction Romantic Couple?

Mine? Princess Leia and Han Solo. I was 11 when this movie released May 25, 1977. While the special effects have been updated for today's technology it is still the amazing journey of Leia, Luke, and Han that makes it memorable. You have to remember the heart throbs of the time were:

Sean Cassidy

David Cassidy

and Leif Garrett.

Hey, I was ELEVEN. Okay. And it was the 70's. Peace, man.

My tween crush on Han Solo (not the actor the actual space rogue) has never gone away. I would still fly across the universe with he and Chewbacca. He started my love/lust for the bad guys in movies and books. 

Who was/is your favorite SFR couple - movies or books - and why?



D L Jackson said...

I like Anakin and Padme. Perhaps because I love the thought of a forbidden romance.

Jessica E. Subject said...

Mine is actually B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris from Star Trek: Voyager. I have more recent ones as well, but that was the first scifi couple I latched on to.

Misa Buckley said...

Heh, Jessica - mine was Kira and Odo in Deep Space Nine. They were sweet (though the hot scenes between Jadiza and Worf... *fans self*)

Personally, I like love-hate relationships with a good snap of snark. There's just something delicious about watching two people fall reluctantly in love :D

hdfnns said...

If I stick with movies, then I have to go with the Han Solo/Leia couple .. But I look at books far more, and one of the most iconic relationships I can think of is Lazarus Long and Maureen, closely followed by Paul Atreides and Chani

Liz said...

oh dear GOD you are dating us dear....same. absolute same when it wasn't Rhett and Scarlett. That was the very first "real" book I ever read.

Unknown said...

Sorry Liz. But yes, I have dated us. At one point there was a life size cardboard cutout of Sean Cassidy in my house.

L. A. Green said...

Hmm, so many options. Jake and Neytiri, more recently. But how about Sarah Conner and Kyle Reece from Terminator? Or Ellen Ripley and Corporal Hicks from Aliens? (Hmm, must just be coincidence Reece and Hicks were played by the same actor.)

J. L. Hilton said...

Late to the party, but some of my favorites were Tron and Yori (original "Tron"), Richard Collier and Elise McKenna ("Somewhere in Time") and H.G. Wells and Amy ("Time After Time"). I remember liking Jherek and Amelia Underwood in the Dancers at the End of Time series by Michael Moorcock, but it's been ages since I read them. One of my more recent favorites is Rose and the Doctor.