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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ghost Planet is on Vaginal Fantasy Hangout April 30th!

Mark your calendars, sci-fi romance fans! Sharon Lynn Fisher’s GHOST PLANET (Tor) is the April 2013 selection for Felicia Day’s Vaginal Fantasy Hangout book club.
Actress-producer-writer Felicia Day is a true geek and a reader of science fiction romance. In addition to her many credits, she runs the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout, a lively, entertaining, and no-holds-barred online book club.

Members include Veronica Belmont, Kiala Kazebee and Bonnie Burton. The VFH team is sassy, outspoken, and passionate about books.

The GHOST PLANET video discussion will go live on April 30 at 8 PM PST.

Watch the video and join other VFH viewers at the GHOST PLANET Goodreads discussion thread.
Want to know more? Visit the main Vaginal Fantasy Hangout Goodreads page. You can access all of the Vaginal Fantasy videos here, including ones featuring science fiction romances by authors Linnea Sinclair, Nalini Singh, J.D. Robb, and Meljean Brook.
We hope the VFH team enjoys GHOST PLANET and would appreciate any support you can offer via tweets, posts, and any other way you like to spread SFR news!
A world in peril. A bond deeper than love.
Psychologist Elizabeth Cole prepared for the worst when she accepted a job on a newly discovered world - a world where every colonist is tethered to an alien who manifests in the form of a dead loved one. But she never expected she'd struggle with the requirement to shun these “ghosts.” She never expected to be so attracted to the charming Irishman assigned as her supervisor. And she certainly never expected to discover she died in a transport crash en route to the planet.

Reincarnated as a ghost, Elizabeth is symbiotically linked to her supervisor, Murphy - creator of the Ghost Protocol, which forbids him to acknowledge or interact with her. Confused and alone - oppressed by her ghost status and tormented by forbidden love - Elizabeth works to unlock the secrets of her own existence.

But her quest for answers lands her in a tug-of-war between powerful interests, and she soon finds herself a pawn in the struggle for control of the planet…a struggle that could separate her forever from the man she loves.
Leave a comment under this post for a chance to win a set of Decadent cover romance trading cards.
Courtesan Boot Camp              
Elatia Series Courtesan Boot Camp

And courtesan boot camp starts now.

When Shay lands on Elatia, she knows she has one shot to be chosen as courtesan for a king and queen. Mess up—everything she was born to be, all she’s trained her entire life to become—will be lost. The alternative is unthinkable.

What a pampered priss.

Dayne’s first impression isn’t a good one, but he’s determined to turn the spoiled beauty into the next royal courtesan at any cost. As a Dominus, a master of all things sexual, he agrees to help a friend, his sovereign, and promises to do nothing to compromise her future.

Except the promise may cause him to question his loyalty, friendship and honor. All he knows is on the line…when he falls in love with a woman who can never be his.


“Wakey, wakey, princess.” Someone slapped her cheek.
Shay knocked the hand away. “I’m not a princess.”
“We’ll you’re not an ornament for my transpod either. Get off. You’re drooling on my deck.”
Shay’s eyes snapped open, and she found herself face to face with the mud slug again. “Courtesans don’t drool.”
“You aren’t a courtesan yet, cupcake, and what do you call that puddle on the deck?”
She turned and her eyes widened. No, no, no. She’d committed the unforgivable. Her hand shot up to cover her mouth and chin, hopefully blocking the view of any spittle left on her face.
“Yup, Dayne’s going to have fun with you. What street corner are they finding you girls on these days?”
“They didn’t find me. They bred me for…why am I explaining this to you?” She kept her hand over her mouth, waiting for him to look away so she could take care of business.
He shrugged, dropped her bag beside the transpod, and headed for the front entrance to a large minnica spire.
She used her palm to wipe her chin and watched him go. “Hey, do I go in there?”
If he heard her, he didn’t indicate that he had. He entered, leaving her to her own devices. Okay, she wasn’t some helpless flower. She could make the introduction herself and didn’t need Mr. Personality’s help.
Shay reached into her bag, retrieved a mirror, and checked her face and hair. All evidence of the mishap had been wiped away, and without smearing her makeup. At least something had gone well. Once satisfied, she climbed to her feet with as much grace as she could muster, smoothed the fabric down on her overdress, and grabbed her bag.
Sometime during the trip to her new home, her right ass cheek had gone to sleep. Combined with the missing heel, she hobbled like a crone. Not the most elegant example she wanted to put forward, but also not her fault. Too bad about the boots. The heels were hand-carved crystal, irreplaceable, and her favorite pair. If not for the fact she had to undress to reach the tops to unbuckle her boots, she’d have changed on the transpod.
She stopped in front of the tall door and stared at it for several seconds before she found her courage. Shay cleared her throat. “Open,” she spoke in her most commanding tone. Stepping forward on instinct, she smacked face first into the hard surface, which had failed to vaporize as expected.
Shay reached up and rubbed the tip of her nose. What kind of freaking planet is this?
She poked it and cleared her throat. “Open.” The door didn’t move. Shay glanced around for a button, or something, anything to activate the mechanism that opened it. Lever? Fuck. Nothing but a round thingy. She bit her lip again. Certainly nothing as primitive as….
You have to turn the round thingy, honey. This time Milos’s voice came through by brainwave, telepathy, or whatever he was using to annoy the shit out of her.
“Stay out of my head.”
Turn the knob. Open the door. It’s not rocket science.
“I know rocket science. I don’t need your instructions.”
“Of course you don’t,” the voice in her head said again.
“You’re an asshole!”
“Nice language.”
Shay lifted her chin to look in the face of…dear gods. Dark hair, green eyes, strong jaw and chin. The man standing in the doorway had looks that would melt a woman where she stood. And she’d just called him an asshole, or he thought she did. Her mouth dropped open.


RT Stay at home Party

Leave a comment under this post for a chance to win a tee shirt in Med/Lg/Xlg (US Residents) or an e-book of one of my Decadent titles(All).
My Boogie Woogie Bugle Guy
A 1Night Stand Story

When Grace Daniels goes to the cemetery to visit the grave of her twin brother, she meets a soldier, there for the same reason, or at least that’s what she believes until he tells her about the blind date her brother arranged before he was killed in combat.

It’s the date of her dreams. Big band, brass and sass, Madame Eve from 1NightStand has set her up for an unforgettable night, a WWII swing dance party. Unfortunately, she’s having trouble letting go of her past and is afraid to take the chance given to her.

Sergeant Frank Winters is an Army trumpet player who travels with the Color Guard, a great dancer, and six feet four inches of eye candy that could make her an addict. He’s also a soldier and soldiers can get killed. Grace doesn’t have the heart to lose someone again, but Frank knows a good thing when he sees it, and he’s determined to show her in one night, she’s got more to lose if she walks away.


“For my next number, I’m gonna play something a little more laid back.” A slurry voice rang out over the headstones, echoing through what was supposed to be a closed graveyard. A trumpet began to play. Dah, dah, dum. Dah, dah, squawk.

She bolted up. “What the hell?” Believing she was alone, she’d bared her soul to her brother. She certainly wouldn’t have had that conversation if she’d known someone lingered nearby. She turned around three hundred and sixty degrees, until her gaze landed on a mausoleum backlit by the moon. A man stood on the roof with brass to his lips, butchering Taps. In his other hand, he held a bottle of what was probably in the glass on Geordie’s grave.

Grace swatted the debris from her pants and stomped toward the mausoleum, irritation prickling over the back of her neck. She stopped at the base of the stone structure and glared at the man on the roof. “What are you doing here at three in the morning? The cemetery is closed.”

“Whoa, hot chick in the audience.” He swayed, threatening to fall off the roof. “Feel free to toss your panties onto the stage in appreciation.”

She clicked her flashlight on and cast the beam at him. “I suggest you get down from there before you fall or I have to arrest you for public intoxication.”

He gave her a shit-eating grin. “You got handcuffs?”

“Oh, God,” she groaned under her breath. “Of course I’ve got handcuffs. I’m the police.”

He rocked and blinked his eyes. “You’re hot for a cop.”

“Thank you, I think. Now get down.”

“Okay.” He jumped, hit the edge of the roof, rolled off, and dropped like a stone at her feet, doing it with all the grace of a bag of potatoes. Yet he’d managed to keep hold of the bottle and not spill a drop. He put the horn to his lips and blew, but nothing more than a raspberry came from the mouthpiece. “For my next number, I’m going to play….” He looked up at her. “Any requests?”

“Yeah, tell me where you’re staying, so I can take you to your room.”

“Easy, girl. What kind of guy do you think I am?”

Author Bio:

D. L. Jackson is a writer of urban fantasy, science fiction, military romance and erotic romance. She loves to incorporate crazy plot twists, comedy and the unexpected into her worlds. As a U.S. Army veteran, she naturally adores men in uniform and feels the world could always use more. She does her part by incorporating as many sexy soldiers in her novels as she can. When she isn't writing or running the roads, you can often find her online chatting with her peers and readers. Grab a cup of iced coffee, pull up your virtual chair and say hi. She loves emails and blog visits from her readers.

Finding Mercy
Finding Mercy
Doomsday Preppers
A Prepper Romance

Evans Point Series

You’ll die in three minutes without oxygen, three hours without shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food. But could you live a lifetime with a broken heart?

Mercy Evans has come to Evans Point hoping to collect herself and find a way to resurrect her career as an anchorwoman for Cheyenne’s news station. Sergeant Justin Redway has come to Evans Point to try to forget his past and survive all he’s done.

One is a battle-damaged veteran, the other a desperate woman who will go to any extreme to get his story. When their worlds collide, sparks fly and old wounds open. As the chasm between the fated lovers widens, it might be too big to cross.

One town, two lovers, and a second chance at finding mercy.

Leave a comment under this post for a chance to win a set of D L Jackson's Decadent cover romance trading cards.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

What DO aliens look like? Part 1 - Hollywood

While writing my alien romances, I always ask myself, what DO aliens look like? Many have tried to explain what they might resemble, but all our guesses, both fictional and those based on science make the assumption aliens are carbon based lifeforms. What happens if they're not? The possibilities are endless.

Today I'm going to give a glimpse at how Hollywood has portrayed aliens over the years. Next week, I'm going to take a more scientific approach.

Now, in Hollywood, aliens have been those hiding on Earth, trying to blend in or not be found, and also those arriving to take over.

Here are just a sample of the variety of aliens in movies:

Earth Girls Are Easy

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

And here's a top 10 list of Alien races in film from

See any you like? So, based on Hollywood's portrayal of extraterrestrials, what do YOU think an alien might look like? Are there any movies that resemble your idea better?


Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotica. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.

When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What is it about rebels?

I've been noticing a common theme in many of the stories I've written lately.


Everyone loves an underdog. Myself included. And maybe it's the struggle I love to write, or the character that's just a little rough around the edges. Or perhaps it's the raw, sometimes painful consequences my hero or heroine have to deal with because they choose to fight for something they believe in, that drives me to tell their stories. Whatever it is, I seem to have an infatuation with them.

Which brings me around to Rebel Souls. Of all the books I've written, published and unpublished, It's one of my favorites. My hero and heroine are from opposite sides, and must overcome almost impossible odds to have their happily ever after.

But what price is too high to pay?

What price would you pay to have your happily ever after? Would you give up everything you've fought for? Would you break the law? Walk away from a career, family, friends, everything you've strived to be and all you have stood for to embrace what you have been against. Would you become a traitor? Would you give up a chance at having a normal life and family, and always have to look over your shoulder, never knowing when you'll be found?

These are some of the dilemmas my characters face in Rebel Souls. The journey isn't an easy one, but in the end, sometimes love is worth it.

Want to read it?
Here are the buy links:


"Good morning, Duchess.”Born in the fires of revolution and baptized in the blood of those who fought for a better life, Captain Ava Frost smuggles illegal materials to a war machine that will someday free her people from an oppressive government...until her path crosses with a Regulator commander.

Seth Reynold’s mission is to find the dangerous cargo of fissile materials. When he stops Ava at a wormhole, his ethics and beliefs are compromised. Torn between duty and love, Seth is determined to find out what Ava is hiding, but her fiancé is standing in his way.

Back from the dead, Brodie Mark—a leader of the revolution, a man that challenges Ava’s loyalties in every way imaginable—wants her back and will do whatever it takes to help her realize her heritage.

While falling for the enemy and endangering all that the underground rebels had struggled to achieve, Ava must make a choice between duty and love. But is she ready to sacrifice a freedom in its infancy for a love that comes once in a lifetime?

“No man flies three days to the edge of Nexian space without a reason.”

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Decadent Journey Hop #DecadentJourney #DecadentAuthors

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting me during the My Decadent Journey hop! And thank you to JoAnne Kenrick for organizing this event!

Just a quick introduction for those who don't know me. I write contemporary and science fiction romance. My first story was published in July 2011 with Decadent Publishing, and I have twelve stories published with them so far, with two more coming soon.

My Decadent journey started at the beginning of 2011. I was busy writing my first novel, and sharing excerpts every Sunday on my blog. One of my author friends, Rebecca Royce, whom I'd met through participating in Six Sentence Sunday, suggested I add my sci-fi romance style to a brand-new line at Decadent Publishing, called 1Night Stand.

I had not read any stories from this new line, so she suggested I read Erotic Healing by Becca Dale. After that, I was hooked on the series, and wanted to try to write one.

So, I penned a story about an alien who came to Earth to experience love based on the 1Night Stand line guidelines. Rebecca helped me to polish my story for submission. But, I didn't think it was quite ready. I had never submitted anything at this point, and was scared send my work into the world.

I was also celebrating my one-year blogoversary in April of 2011, and wanted to wait until that had finished before sending the story to Decadent Publishing. Little did I know, Rebecca had contacted one of the acquisitions editors for the 1Night Stand line, and told her about my story. And I was asked to submit.

Holy sh**! I never expected something like that to happen. And on the morning of April 30, 2011, I submitted my first story, Celestial Seduction.

I felt ill all day, my stomach twisted in knots. I didn't know how long I'd have to wait to hear back, either, the waiting times that I'd heard about from other authors ranging from four to six weeks. Sometimes longer.

Lucky for me, I didn't have to wait long. I received an email that night with the offer of a contract.

Now, wait times have since changed, and I become an inbox stalker when I have a story on submission. But Celestial Seduction was my foot in the door, my first published story.

I've since written five more 1Night Stand stories, plus stories for The Edge, Elatia, and The Challenge series lines, amongst others. I've met so many wonderful people through Decadent, and I have to say, Decadent Publishing is one of the most supportive publishers I know. Though, it's still a lot of hard work, never mind the colorful edits that arrive in my inbox. Celestial Seduction was a technicolor rainbow.

And I've learned so much in my journey with them, taking new chances and trying new things all the time.

Be sure to visit the Daily Dose of Decadence blog to read the journeys from other Decadent Authors


Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotica. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.

When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 Reasons to read Being Amber - Guest Post by Sylvia Ryan

I’m always at a loss when asked to tell a little about a book I’ve written. I never want to give away too much because I feel it takes away from the discovery of the ‘world’ and plot. This is one of the reasons I rarely read blurbs. If I do, it’s usually just the first few sentences to get a feel for the content.

So, with that in mind, here is

10 Reasons to read Being Amber…

1. Global Pandemic
2. Dystopian Society
3. Alpha males
4. Dominance/submission
5. Evil dictator
6. Underground dungeon
7. Sizzling sex
8. Undeniable love
9. The utter lack of: Billionaire Doms, vampires, werewolves, and shifters.
10. Science fiction + erotica= perfection                                

Still not sure? How about a book trailer?

And be sure to click over to my website, enter the GIVEAWAY for the kindle and other great swag and satisfy your curiosity for more at

Being Amber by Sylvia Ryan

Both danger and sex are inescapable in the Amber Zone.

Jaci Harmon was born a Sapphire, but after she’s summoned to receive her final designation, the testing reveals she carries a gene slated for eradication. Within a day, she’s sterilized and dumped in the Amber Zone, where the damaged are corralled away from the rest of New Atlanta. Scared and alone, Jaci would rather die than face her future as an Amber.

Born in the Amber Zone, Xander Dimos is a product of a lifetime spent under the oppression of the Repopulation Laws. Decades of suffering have taught the Ambers to make the zone a place where touch, sex, and unconditional acceptance ease the pain of their fate. Jaci has a lot to learn about her new home, and it’s Xander’s responsibility to guide her through the differences and the dangers safely.

With the simmering undercurrents of sexual chemistry growing between them, and in the midst of discovering the Gov’s true motives, Jaci and Xander must overcome his secret and accept their love as undeniable…even if the time allotted to share it is short.

CONTENT WARNING: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a trios, use of sex toys, and anal sex.


“Why didn’t you just let me die?” she whispered.

“Because you’re mine to take care of now.” He leaned in close so that his lips were brushing her ear. “It’s okay to stumble and fall. I’ll be here to catch you. I’ll take care of you Jaci, I promise.”

Xander squeezed the words out through a tight throat and then sat on the edge of the bed. He settled her in his lap and tucked her into him, wrapping his arms around her to keep her warm and let her know she was safe. After a few beats of stillness, Jaci started shaking her head. Almost imperceptibly at first, but within seconds, a sob escaped her. “I don’t want this. Let me die next time,” she cried. “Please. Please,” she sobbed. “I don’t want to feel like this. I don’t want to feel it anymore.”

“That’s enough,” Xander growled. “I don’t want to hear any more of this. I’m going to take care of you, Jaci. I’ll help you chase the pain away. We’ll do it together.”

About the Author:

As an avid reader, I’m always on the hunt for that next amazing story. Those unforgettable books with the perfect balance of action and passion are hard to find and even harder to write. My hope is that Being Amber has given readers a few hours of happiness while they savor the gradual discovery of each character and how their story unfolds. I usually fall in love with the hero and heroine in the books I write by the time I’ve written the last page. If I’ve done my job well, you’ve fallen in love, too. So many times I find myself not wanting a book to end.  I crave more of the story, wanting to know what happens after the happily ever after. If you’re like me and want to read more about Xander and Jaci, the epilogue to Being Amber is posted on my website at Stop in and find out how their story ultimately ends before moving on to Jordan’s story in Being Sapphire. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wouldn't you like to be a Prepper too???

Please help me welcome Rebecca Royce and her newest release, a Prepper Romance to Backward Momentum.

How I prepped

When we lived in New Jersey, winter storms were our biggest concern in terms of potential disasters.  Well, there is always the ‘overwhelming’ disaster. I’m talking about end of the world scenarios.  We lived close to New York City. I’ll admit to sometimes doing things when the terror alert rose, like buying duct tape, but that isn’t what I’m going to write about today.

For snowstorms, and this might be because I grew up in New Jersey so a lot of it was second nature to me, I knew exactly what to do.  I went to the grocery store and made sure that we had enough of anything we might need to get by in the house for a few days.  I made sure we had rock salt.  And then be bunkered down and waited. Eventually, we even purchased a generator that attached to the gas line (professionally installed, permits needed) and we didn’t even lose power anymore. Still, we had to stay inside.  What had all of my getting ready done? It had gotten me ready. I had prepped.

Now we live in an area prone to fire.  I decided early on that the most prepping I would do involved putting together a bag that had things I cannot replace. Papers I need, photos I can’t get back. Our clothes? Well, Wal-Mart will have to do.  Loss of life or anything I must have is what I focused on.  That was a decision.

In my story, Love In One Night, my heroine is very anxious about end of the world scenarios.  She finds a way to deal with this by creating a place for Sustainable Living. A location where they could live if the world went to hell. My hero needs a place to land safely, even if he doesn’t know it. 

Can they find love they’re not prepared for?

Have you ever prepped?
About Love In One Night:
Melanie is a woman who prepares for disasters.  If the world as she knows it were to come grinding to a disastrous halt, her Sustainable Living Community will be ready and able to take care of the people in their area. She doesn't have a man in her life anymore but she has her daughter and that's enough. 
Until a tall, dark stranger drives into her life.
Griffith is on a mission to find Melanie's ex-husband Victor, who has stolen a very expensive new drug from a pharmaceutical company.  Griffith is a man who can find what others can't.  He never backs down from a fight and he's never afraid until he sees Melanie.  She steals his breath and makes him wish for things he's never wanted before.
They are two people who can prepare for everything except the depths of their own need for each other.
Available starting today:
Where to find Rebecca:
Current and Upcoming Works:
The Outsiders
Love Beyond Time
Love Beyond Sanity
Love Beyond Loyalty
Love Beyond Sight
Westervelt Wolves
Her Wolf
Summer’s Wolf
Wolf Reborn
Wolf’s Valentine
Wolf’s Magic
Alpha Wolf
Angel’s Wolf
Darkest Wolf
The Warrior
The Conditioned
Eye Contact
Sexy Superheroes
Screwing the Superhero
Banging the Superhero
Other Works
Behind The Scenes
First Dimension
Yes, Captain
Return to the Sea
One Night With A Wolf
Another Chance
Light Me Up
I’ll Be Mated For Christmas
The Edge stories: Unwanted Mate, Bar Mate, Mate by the Music, Out of Place Mate

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New for Jessica E. Subject & a Sneak Peek at Never Gonna Say Goodbye

Hello everyone! I hope April is treating you well. :) All I'm hoping for is warm weather, and for the snow to finally be done.

In terms of writing, I have so many things going on. The release of Alien Adoration is set for May 10, so I'm getting everything ready to release this story. I'm sharing excerpts from this story every Wednesday on my blog as part of Hump Day Hook.

And I recently signed a contract for the second story in The Underground series, Never Gonna Desert You, with Decadent Publishing. Right now, I'm writing the third (and final) story in the series, Never Gonna Say Goodbye.

Here's a sneak peek at Never Gonna Say Goodbye:

Bright lights blinded Tim as he neared the main complex of The Underground. He raised his sweat covered arm in front of his eyes.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s Harris!” He expected to be stopped, glad for the security, even though the man with the light could care less about securing the complex from Planet Core spies.

“Thank, God.” Barnes lowered the light, his wife by his side. “We were beginning to think you’d deflected to the other side.”

“Never.” He blinked hard, taking a deep breath, trying to ignore the empty feeling in the pit of his stomach. “I had to play my part, submit to the leader of the rebels. He doesn’t suspect a thing.”

Barnes joined him on his trek inside, patting him on the back. “You will be rewarded for your sacrifices. Once we take down the rebellion, we’ll all wreak the benefits.”

“And I won’t have to live in this shithole anymore,” his wife said, her nose wrinkled.

He flashed her a cold smile. No, because you won’t be living at all. He had his own plan. A plan no one else knew about. The only plan that would destroy Planet Core forever.


Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotica. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.

When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.