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Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I'm Working On Now... An Excerpt

I'm excited to say that my fourth 1Night Stand story, Satin Sheets in Space, is now in edits, but in the mean time, I'm still writing All Grown Up, which is the second book in the Mark of the Stars series. Here's one of my favorite excerpts thus far:

Katrina raised her hands to touch gloves with Dietrict, but he just stood there. 
“This isn’t a friendly competition. I plan to knock you down, alien.”
Jeff couldn’t see her, but imagined her eyes steeled with determination as they did before every match. Dietrict deserved every hit he would get.
The fight began. Katrina and Dietrict circled each other, throwing the occasional jab while sizing the other up. Katrina connected first, her fist against his jaw. Dietrict stumbled back, but quickly righted himself and launched a series of kicks and punches. She blocked every one with little effort.
Jeff’s heart raced. He didn’t doubt Katrina would win, but watching her aroused him more than ever before. He’d held her body against his, felt her soft skin. He wanted to strip off her tight clothes and take her there on the mat in front of everyone.
He turned away, hoping to settle his aching cock. Movement at the door caught his attention. CWO Michaels eyed up the scene then walked toward Jeff. “MC Bennett, I need a word with you.”
Jeff followed his senior officer out to the hall, hoping he’d be able to return before Dietrict went down. They stopped just outside the door.
“Bennett, your report was informative last week. It’s nice to see you’re finally taking this assignment seriously.”
“Yes, Sir.” His stomach sank. He hadn’t been thinking about his task since he’d written the summary.
“If all goes well, we’ll make sure you stick around for your next tour.”
“Yes, Sir.” He wanted to stay at CFB North Bay, or at any of the bases in Ontario where he could be close to his family. He’d seen them more since returning to this base than he had his entire time with the Canadian Forces.
“Now get back in there and get the information we need. You’re dismissed.”
“Yes, Sir.” He had to keep his own needs in check, remember his duty first. He walked back into the gym. She’s an alien. She’s an assignment, nothing further.
He joined her instructor once more. Cam had to know a lot about Katrina, but if he started asking questions, he would look suspicious. He returned his attention to the fight.
Dietrict dropped down and kicked Katrina’s feet out from under her. Jeff’s stomach lurched as she fell to the mat. She hit the ground then rolled, quickly jumping back up. With a jab, Dietrict tried to knock her down again, but she spun low then rose up in front of him bringing her fist to his face.
Blood flew everywhere, pouring from Dietrict’s nose, spraying onto Katrina.
LaSalle and another officer rushed to Dietrict’s side, supporting him under his arms.
“You alien bitch. You broke my nose.”
Katrina wiped the blood from her hands, her towel no longer white. “And I’ll do it again. Just give me the opportunity.”
That’s my girl. Jeff froze. My girl? He had it bad. Somehow he’d have to combine his desires into his job.

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D L Jackson said...

I just love this story, Jessica.