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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Host - from novel to movie. What do you think? #scifi #scifirom #aliens

Back in 2011, I read The Host by Stephenie Meyer. It was one of my favorite reads that year, and still remains amongst my favorites. Though, I admit I have never read or watched anything from the Twilight series. Why? I tend to prefer aliens over vampires. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying some paranormal romances now and then.

I thought I'd share my review of The Host that I posted on Goodreads:

This book is so much more than a science fiction book about aliens who invade human bodies. It is a love story of the purest form, unconditional and sacrificial love. The Host also provides a raw look into the good and bad sides of humanity.

I absolutely loved The Host. It was such an emotional journey to take with the narrator, an alien creature nicknamed Wanda, who lives in a host body where the host's personality will not die. For obvious reasons, they are at odds with each other inside the same body, but a journey through the desert makes them see each other and the current state of the planet differently.

I recommend The Host to anyone and everyone. I've never read the Twilight series, so I can't compare this book to Stephenie Meyer's other works, but it was an emotional thrill ride. Definitely one of my favorites for 2011 and of all time.

On July 9, The Host released on video, and I was lucky enough to receive a copy from my sister-in-law as a get-well present. I had missed seeing the movie in theaters, and she knew I really wanted to see it.

How does it compare?

Obviously, some of the story had to be cut out, as with any movie adaptation. But they included much of the story they cut out in the beginning as Wanda's dreams after she'd been inserted into Melanie's body. There is also much of Wanda/Melanie's walk through the desert that is not included. These cut scenes take away some of the emotional intensity that I felt when reading the book. But the accuracy of the movie is the closest to the book that I have seen in a long time. I wasn't yelling at the screen "That's so wrong!" like I did during Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

I still love the story, and it will remain as one of the sci-fi movies that I watch while I work.

So, have you read The Host? Have you seen the movie? What did you think?


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Beth Caudill said...

I haven't seen the movie but I did read The Host for my sci-fi book club. I read all the way through the book and enjoyed it. Given I've tried 4 times to read Twilight and quit at the first chapter, finishing the book is an accomplishment.

I thought it was an okay read but I don't have a desire to reread so it isn't one of my favorites.

Liza O'Connor said...

Interesting Interview. I'm always amazed at how directors will alter a book. While we may show rather than tell now, we don't seem to be showing the right things (per director) I won't if we all spent a year on a movie set if it would help or destory our writing.

Jessica E. Subject said...

Hi Beth! I've never tried to read the Twilight series, so I have no idea how they compare. I admit, the beginning of The Host was slow, but it kept me interested enough to keep reading. I think it was the overall theme of the story that I enjoyed so much. It's a theme I often use in my own stories.

Jessica E. Subject said...

Hey Liza! Besides some scenes being cut out for length, this screenplay was amazingly accurate. Not at all like how much they changed I Am Number Four and The Hunger Games. I still yell at the TV when watching those movies for how they changed key elements from the books.

Kim Hornsby said...

I loved the book. REad it to my tween during a vacation and she loved it. Well written, great plot, fantastic love triangle/square. We saw the movie opening weekend and were not disappointed. well done. (I am a fan of the Twilight series too but this book is very different.)

Jessica E. Subject said...

Hi Kim! It really was a fabulous book! From what I've heard, the Twilight series appeals to a bit of a younger audience than The Host. Not to say that everyone can't read it, too, but just written for a different age, I guess.