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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Empty Nesting

Yeah, that's got a lot to do with science fiction. Well, actually it does. Two weeks ago my baby left for the Army and now I have an empty nest.

What's that got to do with writing?

Well, I find myself unable to sit still and concentrate to write all the science fiction. I'm so used to all the noise going on around me while I work, my writing and networking have suffered for it.

So what have I been doing? Stripping furniture and refinishing it, going to yard sales, corn roasts and getting out into the world. I'm sure my restlessness will settle and the focus will come back, but right now, it's been about coping.

I can understand why this is one of the most difficult times for marriages. You have to learn to interact with your other half again.

Ah, screw my pity party, check out this sexy video on how to make a Margarita instead.
Suddenly, I'm in the mood to party.
Have a nice weekend,


Jessica E. Subject said...

LOL Definitely sexy!

My youngest starts Kindergarten this year (all day, 5 days a week), so I'll be feeling this a bit, but I'm sure it's a big change when they leave home as adults.


Anonymous said...

What? Did you write something in that post? I was distracted. This is what I got from the post, if this right?

Making a shopping list.
1. Limeade
2. some other stuff
3. fireman

Directions: Stir and slurp.

D L Jackson said...

Kitten. But i bet you could substitute a Chiweenie.

Hales said...

I so want it now erm. ... I mean him.

Mine will be leaving for college in the next three years and to be honest right now I could use a dose of no arguments, no sibling fighting and peace in my house.


You have a chance to blaze a new trail all over again. What are you going to do now?

JM said...

Dayam. Ok. Kitten or the fireman. Hmmm. Maybe both?
Too cute. Sorry you're feeling restless. Good time to rediscover yourself.