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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What would you take into space?

On another blog, I asked the question, where would you go in space if you had the chance. Today, I'm asking, what would you take with you?

Imagine going into space, with a group of people, none of them your family, for at least six months time. If you could take anything with you (has to be small as not much room on a rocket), what would you take?

Here's my top 5 things:

  1. a picture of my husband and kids
  2. an e-reader that can also read books aloud
  3. a notebook (may not have access to computer all the time)
  4. pen (to use in the notebook)
  5. toilet paper (I would never want to run out)
So, what would be on your list?

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Tonya said...

1. Notebook and pencil
2. Comb (I don't know something tells me I'd sorely regret not doing so)
3. Pocket knife
4. A copy of "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" (for both the irony and the lolz)
5. A memento of the Loved One.

Jessica E. Subject said...

All great ideas, Tonya! Yes, I'd need a comb or brush, too. Would go crazy without one. :)

Diane Burton said...

Jessica, our brains must be connected. LOL My 1st thought was a picture of family & an e-reader. I'm assuming we'd have an electrical plug-in. Mostly importantly, I'd take Hubs. We've been together for nearly 40 yrs. Can't imagine going into space without him. Besides, he has survival skills that would ensure we'd make it. :)

Very thought-provoking question.

Jessica E. Subject said...


Very sweet response. I'd love to take my entire family, too, but if the kids couldn't come, I know he'd take great care of them until I returned. Though in all honesty, I don't know if I could be away for that long.