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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top 10 signs I know I love a story

When you've finished a book, do you ever think, "Wow, that was an awesome book?" 

Today I've decided to post a list of the top ten things I experience while reading, or after I have finished a book that are sure signs I loved the story.
  1. I read the story while I'm exercising.
  2. I continue reading the story after I've finished exercising.
  3. It made me laugh.
  4. It made me cry.
  5. My chest constricts, and I get a lump in my throat when the characters are upset.
  6. I'm ready to reach into the book and give certain characters a piece of my mind. If I had a more violent personality, I might just have to hurt them.
  7. I never want to put the book or my e-reader down.
  8. I take it to bed with me, just in case I'm awake in the middle of the night.
  9. I burn meals because I forget about them while reading.
  10. When I finish the story, I want more. More from the author, and more about the characters.
So, what do you experience that makes you know you love the story you're reading?

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RT Wolfe said...

Definitley when I read late into the night...or when I'm driving for hours and the book on tape I'm listening to keeps me awake. I once drove 6.5 hours to an athletic event for my sons, watched it for 3 hours, then drove 6.5 hours home all because I was listening to James Patterson's Private. It was awesome! Best of luck with your new release!
-R.T. Wolfe
Black Creek Burning (Crimson Romance, September 20120)

Diane Burton said...

When I can't put down the book and read way into the night because I have to find out what happens. Linnea Sinclair's books do that to me--esp. Gabriel's Ghost.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Pretty great list there, Jessica. Not sure I could add to it! It's that tight chest that really gets me!

Jessica E. Subject said...

RT & Diane - I used to read into the night, but with the kids getting up in the middle of the night, I try to get as much sleep as possible. But if I can't get to sleep after putting them back to bed, I'll sometimes read.

Barbara - Yes, I LOVE that feeling! :)

JVRC said...

If I get to the point where a) I can't stop reading the book, no matter what time or place; b) if it's all I think about even when I'm not reading; c) finish and immediately want to pick it up and read it again -- that's a damn good book!

Heather said...

That's a sure sign for me if I get off the treadmill and keep reading! Anything that makes me laugh out loud, tear up, sigh, or otherwise react is another sign that I'm loving the story!

Maddy said...

When I check on-line for the next in the series, find I've read them all and I'm tempted to throw the computer out the window. [That always helps a lot right?]

Pauline said...

When I want to read it again. And again. And yes, when I go look up the author for more books.

Jessica E. Subject said...

Jesse - Yes, I'm constantly thinking about the book I'm reading right now, but I HAVE to put it down with other obligations. Though I can't wait for a chance to read more. :)

Heather - Yes, that is my dedicated reading time, but sometimes I just can't put the book down. :)

Maddy - Been there. LOL

Pauline - Yes, I have a collection of those books. :)

D L Jackson said...

I know when I stay up way to late to finish and have to work the next day. If I can't put it down, you've got a winner.

Jessica E. Subject said...

DL - Yes, that makes it so hard to get up in the morning, but the satisfaction of finishing makes the exhaustion worth it. :)

Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

Great list! I've been bad with my reading when I live a book- I read it at stop lights, during doctor appointments, turn the Kindle audio while I grocery shop or even clean the house, he'll I've even left a party once to finish a book - couldn't think of anything else.
So thank you authors for making me crave you that much xoxoxo

Cassandra Dean said...

Great list, Jessica!
I know if I read through the night, such that I'm bleary-eyed and irritable the next day, the book has been a corker :D

Jessica E. Subject said...

Dawn - I'm not quick enough to read at stop lights, but I do take books and my e-reader with me while I'm waiting to pick up the kids after school. And I wish I could have left many parties. LOL

Cassandra - Yes, I'm in that position today. LOL

kristalbaird said...

All of these and a whole heap more. Nice post!

Jessica E. Subject said...

Thanks so much, Kristal! :)