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Saturday, June 8, 2013

What I'm working on this week.

My popular novel, Last Flight of the Ark is going to be re-released with Decadent Publishing. I'm very excited to say that I'm working on the sequel, The Fall of Jericho.

Here's a snippet from the current WIP.
It took him seconds to break into her room. Locks had never stopped him, and with his enhanced hearing and sense of smell, he could avoid anyone patrolling the barracks. He slipped into her room, as unnoticed by those on duty outside as he was by the resident within.
     Jericho crossed the room and stood by her bed, unable to do anything but stare. If he touched her, he’d lose control. Every breath, every sigh, the rise and fall of her breasts beckoned to him. He curled his fists at his sides. Why had he come here? This was a fool’s game. Terrans and hybrids didn’t belong together, couldn’t be together. Yet he yearned for the small Terran female, unlike any woman before. He opened his mouth and inhaled her scent, tasting her in the air as a predator that tracked prey.
       She’d showered, changed, but she still smelled of that same addictive scent that brought him here, one he hadn’t been able to get out of his head since he’d caught a whiff of her.
       She had a citrus smell with a touch of mint and sex. Whatever pheromones he kicked off, her body seemed to unconsciously like. He could smell her arousal the moment she’d seen him. He usually didn’t have a problem walking away from females, but this little bird was different.
       From her earthy odors to her delicate features, she’d sunk into his system like a narcotic. The longer he stared, the more aware he became of everything that made her, her.
       She shifted in her sleep, flinging the covers from her body and whimpering, rocking her hips. He lifted his nose in the air again, drawing in the delicate fragrance of her sexual awareness. Even asleep she seemed to know she was in the presence of a potential mate.
       Her fingers slipped down into her panties and she touched her heat. Rubbing. Caressing. He shifted on his feet, his erection growing impossibly hard. Painful.
       A soft moan followed as she worked her fingers in and out, rubbing, stroking, as though she knew he watched and wanted to drive him wild. The smell of sex seeped into his senses, overloading his brain with desire. Impossible to ignore, calling to his baser desires, his primitive nature.
       Just as he reached to help her find climax, her hand came out of her underwear and she rolled to her side, placing her back to him, still in the throes of sleep. Jericho stared at her ass, clad in a pair of lacy red panties, the crotch soaked with her juices. He could take a bite out of that bottom. Fuck her from behind. Drive into her until she screamed his name in pleasure.
      The muscle in his jaw ticked, cramped from how he’d clenched it. He could fight all he wanted, but the truth was he didn’t want to. Unable to resist further, he reached out and touched her dark hair, sliding the strands between his fingers. Softer than down.
      Need. Gods. He leaned closer and sniffed. She sighed and shifted to her back, bringing her mouth a fraction of an inch from his. Sweet, warm breath. She licked her lips and they parted slightly.

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Jessica E. Subject said...

I'm so excited that you're back to working on this story. I need to know what happens next. ;)

tqbrock11 said...

Whoa, good stuff! ;)