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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Sci Fi Romance Brigade Presents--Clone

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Today I present a snippit from my work in progress, Clone, where Olivia wakes up with a new heart.

My heart thumped against my ribs. I rested my hand over my breast bone, to steady the beat. Stronger than it had ever been. No! I eyed the door where a digital board hung. My medical history—everything I’d been through. I flailed in my bed, ripping the monitors off, kicking the sheets and blankets to a tangle at my feet. Rolling off the side, I fell to the floor, the blankets still wrapped around my legs, sharp pains shot up my tailbone. Fire in my chest. I cried out and clutched my breasts and curled into a ball.
“You should stay in bed.”
I lifted my chin and looked her in the eyes. Panic, my nerves felt attached to high voltage. I whimpered, flipped to my belly and crawled. I had to know. The chart on the door. I needed to see what was on the digital board hanging there. I pulled myself along like an infant, pain rocking my body with each movement. I came to my target, collapsed and began to cry so hard I could barely breath.

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Melisse Aires said...

This is great, really want to read more!