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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm editing, so here's an excerpt...

Yesterday I was busy working on edits for both of my upcoming May releases, so my mind is like mush. Instead of coming up with an interesting post, I thought I'd just share an excerpt with you from Satin Sheets in Space, which releases May 29 from Decadent Publishing. It is a M/F/M menage which is part of their 1Night Stand line.

Her partner for the evening pulled her close as the music slowed. “Thank the gods they changed the music. I need to be closer to you.”
Gods? A different religion, perhaps? She didn’t care. Desire coursed through her from head to toe. He could touch and taste every inch, without any objection from her.
He leaned down, his warm breath grazing her neck. Her nipples perked, pressed against his hard body.
“I noticed the galaxy on your shoulder.”
She sighed with disappointment, having expected him to kiss her. “Yes, I have a tattoo.”
Would a little ink stand in their way? She tried to pull away, to brace for his dismissal, but his hold on her never faltered.
“I like it. Why did you choose the Milky Way?”
Releasing the breath she’d been holding, Danyka smiled with relief. Her cheeks ached from the joy this man brought her. “It’s a tribute to my father. We’d often lie on the back lawn and watch the stars. He taught me about the constellations in our galaxy, and many other celestial bodies throughout the universe.”
A wave of sadness washed over her. She missed those moments, and her father.
Her date brushed his thumb along her cheek, bringing her attention back to him. “And what did he teach you about the possibility of other life—out in space?”
Did she really want to ruin this evening with talk of her belief in aliens? No.
He raised his eyebrows, waiting for an answer.
Oh hell. “He told me not to assume Earth is the only planet in the universe capable of sustaining life.”
“So you believe?”
“In a matter of speaking, yes.” There, she’d said it. Now watch him run. “But I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone from another world.”
His placed gentle kisses across her neck, lighting a fire deep in her core. “I believe, too.”
And if you want to see the smokin' cover for Satin Sheets in Space, head on over to Layna Pimentel's blog where I'm revealing it there.


D L Jackson said...

Whooo Hooo!
Can't wait for this one to come out. And I love the cover on SSiS.

Jessica E. Subject said...

Thanks, D! :)