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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Irony--Get Ya Some

So, I was driving down the interstate, following a truck that left a cloud of thick black exhaust behind it. Unable to take the smell, or see clearly, I decided to pass. When driving by, I discovered it was a recycling truck, the wrap on the side said, "Save Mother Earth. If you don't care for the environment, who will?"

While I was coming home from work one night, I saw a giant crow hop across the road with a bag in his mouth. The top was rolled down and he carried it like takeout. On the side of the bag. McDonalds--I'm loving it. "Quoth the raven, never more."

While going into the local mart to pay for gas, a big strapping biker, hopped off an impressive hog. Dressed head to toe in leather, bald with a full tat covering his scalp and neck,a man that could scare anyone in a dark alley, or light alley for that matter, unzipped his jacket, pulled out a Pomeranian and began to walk it on the lawn. "The need to own a small dog because I'm feelin richer effect."

My friend's husband had a heart-attack and needed surgery. The surgeon told her that the healing process took time, but that it shouldn't be too bad, because he used a bone-friendly saw on his breastbone. As opposed to what? An unfriendly one?

My son joined the Army. While trying to pick his MOS, occupational skill, they tried to talk him into EOD. (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Their argument--Disarming bombs has gotten much safer.

While my husband was out hunting last year, a moose came up to our living room window and peered in. Good he's not home--let's party.

Two days after I paid my car off, free and clear, the computer in it went. Cost to repair? $2,500.00, cost for trade in $2500.00. The look on my husband's face as we had to take out another loan--priceless.

Ever feel like you're having one of those days?


Jessica E. Subject said...

Yes, those days are so much fun, but such is life.

Debbie Gould said...

OMG! Hilarious, or not. Scary what some people use for logic some days. Great post!

LJ Garland said...

Excellent! Irony is out on your lawn. Release the hounds... :)

Shiela Stewart said...

Those are hillarious! I love the biker. So true so true. The Moose. Smart guy. LOL

Jennifer Probst said...

OH yeah! Thanks for sharing - this was priceless!!!!

Zee Monodee said...

Yikes! Totally awful when it's happening to you, but to read about it - hilarious!