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Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting Acquainted

Happy Friday everyone. I'm Graylin Fox and like Jessica Subject I have recently joined this blog. My science fiction book is still one of my Works In Progress but the main character has been yelling at me for days. So it seems it's going to move to the front very soon.

I grew up the daughter of an avid reader. My mother found her greatest joy sitting on the living room couch buried in a book. She taught me to read before I hit nursery school and I can remember pulling a book onto the nap mat with me in Kindergarten.

Writing started out as an escape from a job I *hated* in 1993. Data entry still makes me want to run and hide. So I got a pencil and notepad from the supply closet and while I didn't need my mind to type in numbers for hours it wandered around my imagination and came up with stories. I would take my notepad to lunch and rush to write down everything in my head. It's a strange way to become a poet but it worked for me. I'll never forget writing a horror poem (still not published) that made me skip lunch that day. But I had a stupid silly grin for the rest of the afternoon.

I didn't move onto longer forms of fiction until more recently. My first title, Coming Home, was released by Decadent Publishing on 1/1/11. With another fantasy story released in April 2011, Contagion: A Summer Fae Story. I completed a trifecta with the psychological thriller, Your Biggest Fan, which released in July 2011. I have six or seven other works going right now including the just finished Bloodlines: The Second Summer Fae Story. The current title of my science fiction work is Deadly Beauty and it has made appearances on my blog for Six Sentence Sunday.

I write in my spare time and sometimes that means spending a weekend in the recliner under a laptop. My day job is a psychologist. I have a small solo practice that I love and I get to hear the best stories every day. Some make me laugh and others make me want to weep. I am honored my patients open their hearts up and share their private moments with me.

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and can't wait to read the Valentine's Day stuff!

Graylin Fox

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Jessica E. Subject said...

*waves* Hi Graylin! Looking forward to Deadly Beauty. :)