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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Last Day of the 1 NightStand Bash.

Have you entered?

So, I've shown you my posts for the military fairytales I'm writing and shared a few excerpts. You can still get in on the drawing and see the excerpts here: I will be drawing my winners tomorrow, so you have until Midnight, Eastern Standard Time to leave a comment and get your name in my virtual hat.

So, now that I covered some of the military fairytale 1 NightStands I'm working on, I'm going to give you a sneak peek at the WIP of my unnamed story that follows This Endris Night.

But first an Excerpt from This Endris Night:

Master predators, the bears could smell the blood from miles away. If she found one—there would be more and not just that, it would draw other predators. Packs of wolves frequented this area and had been known to travel in massive groups.
What the hell was the guy doing by the glacier? The tracks appeared to stagger, leading off into a thick stand of trees.

So caught up in the reason a stranger might have traveled there, she failed to hear the monster behind her until he was on top of her. A rough chuff, followed by a hiss, and the impact spun Shiya around on the ice and sent her flying, where she slammed shoulders first into an icy bank. Her rifle flew from her hands, discharging when it hit the ground. She crab-crawled backward. The bear opened its mouth and roared, the sound shaking her to her soul.
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.
Massive, twice the size of any bear she’d ever seen in the area, the herculean monster closed in, stalking forward on gigantic paws that looked like velvet-flocked snowshoes. Red stained his white coat, matting down

the thick fur on his leg, and hot breath steamed from his mouth and nose like an iron train.
He grabbed her boot in his enormous jaws and dragged her back until he straddled her body, his face now inches from hers. Shiya threw her arms up, keeping them vertical. A Nanuk wouldn’t turn his head to bite, or that’s what her father had told her. Make yourself bigger than the bear can bite, he’d said time and time again. But there was no way to be bigger than this bear could bite.

Nanuk didn’t have to turn his head to take her arms into his mouth. Her entire head could fit in those jaws lined with teeth at least four inches long and more like daggers than fangs.

Even stranger than his freakish size, his teeth hadn’t punctured her boot or crushed her ankle when he’d grabbed her. Her mind let that thought slip as he leaned in and sniffed her. Another chuff ruffled her hair. Not gentle or friendly—a well honed killing machine.
A cloud of warm breath puffed from the carnivore’s open jaws, washing across her face. The smell of minty toothpaste filled her nostrils. Shiya cringed. He’d already eaten the man, and from the smell of it, the toiletries the tourist had carried with him. Ah, shit.

The bear opened his jaws and roared again. His nose touched hers and he nudged her face with his muzzle, pushing her head back and exposing her throat. The sniffing, the huffing. Shiya couldn’t move and didn’t dare to breathe.
Here’s the part where he’ll tear my head off. Shiya closed her eyes, unable to look at death. She had many regrets, the biggest that she never had the chance to make amends with her family. It wouldn’t matter. They’d never find her body—never know she’d come home. The monster wouldn’t leave a scrap of her behind.

A coarse tongue licked her from chin to forehead. Her eyes opened and fixed on the beast before her. Shiya’s chest tightened and her heart pounded, making it impossible to draw a breath. The bear roared again. Its great maw gaped open before her, displaying rows of lethal teeth. More steam rolled over her face and then darkness. 

So, Inuit and alien doppelgangers? In This Endris Night you also meet a bad boy named Lucas, an alien hunter whose sole purpose on Earth is to eliminate any person who might put his people's secret at risk, which brings me to my WIP. Dr. Crane, meet your assassin:

Lucas perked up. He could be a rebound. Did anyone say he had to kill her tonight? Well, unless she started the shift, and then all bets were off. As her date, he could keep an eye on her. Certainly there would be a little bit more time. No, she wouldn’t change tonight. But soon. Very soon.
She sighed again. “He probably wouldn’t notice anyway. I bet it was all some kind of game to him.”

Now games, Lucas knew, and if anyone could show the bastard what he’d lost, it would be him. As she continued to talk, Lucas knew he would grant her last request, give her the night of her life, and show her first fling what he’d walked away from.

He knew this Madam Eve, had applied to her service to get close to prey before. He’d never gotten a response from her either, so he chose to crash her party in Alaska the year before, and found himself chin deep in an ocean of shit. If Nadia hadn’t had a response from Eve yet, chances were she wasn’t getting one. But there was no reason he couldn’t fulfill her request. He’d certainly paid for it, in more than one way.

He could step in and pretend to be that date and nobody would know. He’d also show her how a real man could worship her body. And then he’d kill her. He had no choice. He was a Tracker and Trackers didn’t let hybrids escape—with the exception of the last one who’d saved his life.

“Well, I’m not suppossed to be here after six, so I suppose I’ll see you in the morning.” She rose to her feet and started up the stairs. As she exited the chamber, Lucas’s stone exterior cracked and turned to dust, leaving him crouching on the stone pedestal in his true image. He hopped down, wearing a tee shirt, khaki pants and work boots. A quick dust off and he took off running toward the secret passage, hoping to cut her off.

Lucas skidded around a corner, pressed a block on the wall, and ran into the dark, using his enhanced vision to navigate the passage. He stopped in front of a wall, pushed another block and the wall slid open. He stepped into the narrow passageway. His people had provided the blueprints for the temple thousands of years before, making sure they were designed as they had been on his world. Not hard to figure out where hidden rooms and corridors sat, the sister to this temple sat in his home city of Qwurwa.

As soon as the passageway closed, Doctor Crane came around the corner and ran head-on into him. “Oh.” She staggered back. “I didn’t realize anyone else was....” Her mouth dropped open when she looked up into his eyes. “Here.”

Lucas caught her arms, steadying her. He raised a brow and gave her his best panty-melting smile. Trackers were hand-picked from youth. Only children that possessed certain attributes had the honor to train as one. They were intelligent, comely and warriors. A lethal combination that helped them to get closer to their prey. Whoo hoo for genetics. “Doctor Crane.”

“I fear you have me at a disadvantage.” She bit her lip, but didn’t shrug out of his hold. “And you are?”

What was the name of the professor replacing her, the one from Oxford?  Ah, yes. “I’m Lucas Stone, Doctor Lucas Stone.” His accent came natural, having lived in the United Kingdom for the majority of his twenty years on Earth, so it wasn’t hard to be convincing.

“I didn’t think you were so....”

Deadly? If only she knew. Now for the good stuff. Leave a comment under this post for a chance to win a copy of This Endris Night. I'd love some suggestions for a title for this Egyptian based 1 NightStand.

Oh, and make sure you enter the rafflecopter for a chance at the big prize.

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Jessica E. Subject said...

Very cool! Looking forward to the next alien shifter story. :)

D L Jackson said...

Thanks, Jessica.

Tawania said...

Great excerpt! I don't know how this story slipped by me, but I'm on my way to fix that issue. I'm looking forward to reading This Endris Night.

D L Jackson said...

Jessica, you're the winner of a copy of This Endris Night and a tee shirt. I know you already have this, so email me and let me know which of my Decadent books you'd like and what size on the tee shirt. :)