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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Anyone seen my bundle???

I'm still looking....
Somewhere on Amazon, is my Carnal bundle. You get three books for the price of one, Carnal Desires, Carnal Attraction and Carnal Denial. Now I've been told it will be there today, but I can't find it. Since I can't stick around to play hide-and-seek today , I'm going to make an offer you won't want to refuse. :)

The first person who can find the elusive link, and responds under this post with the link, will get a signed teeshirt with one of my Decadent covers. The second will get a set of my romance trading cards, and the third a pen.
The cover appears as you see it above, with all three stories.
BTW, I did spot Ms. Royce's Biker Bundle, but alas, my Carnal Series is bashful.

Release the hounds!


Misa Buckley said...

Found it!

D L Jackson said...

Misa, you're the winner of prize #1, the signed T-shirt.