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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Science Fiction Romance Movies to look forward to in 2013

Good day! I've been following io9 and The Galaxy Express to see what sci-fi and sci-fi romance movies we can look forward to this year. Here's a list of those I can't wait to see:

February 14, 2012 - Escape From Planet Earth

 March 15, 2013 - Upside Down - while this movie has already released in Russia, it is set to release in the US this year. It's a film about two planets with opposite gravity, orbiting around their sun together. Here's the trailer. It's in English with French subtitles.

March 29 - The Host - I read this book and absolutely loved it. (No, I haven't read or watched Twilight.) So, I can't wait to see the movie adaptation.

April 26, 2013 - Oblivion 

May 3, 2013 - Iron Man 3 

May 17, 2013 - Star Trek Into Darkness - Since the Star Trek (2009) is my favorite movie, I'm very anxious to see this one.

June 7, 2013 - After Earth - Will Smith. Need I say more?

June 14, 2013 - Man of Steel - Superman is my all-time favorite superhero, so I'm all over this.

August 9, 2013 - Baja Dunes (Elysium) 

November 1, 2013 - Ender's Game 

November 22, 2013 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 

Unknown release date - Snowpiercer

So, what upcoming sci-fi or sci-fi romance movies are you looking forward to?

Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from her readers.


Diane Burton said...

I'm looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. Like you, I loved the last one. Also looking forward to Catching Fire. Loved the books. Loved the movie adaptation of Hunger Games so Catching Fire should be good.

LM Preston said...

I've got to see them all :-D

Zee Monodee said...

Star Trek and Oblivion. Saw the trailers for these two and they got me piqued :)

Jessica E. Subject said...

Star Trek was the only one I knew for sure was coming to the big screens this year. But then I got looking around and found all the others. A great year for Sci-Fi. There are even more, but I didn't include them all.

Not sure how many I'll get to the theatre to see, but Star Trek, for sure. :)

Allie Ritch said...

Oooh. I've been anxiously awaiting Star Trek, but now you've given me even more to look forward to. Thanks.

Jessica E. Subject said...

I know, Allie. So many to choose from. By why choose? I'm going to have to find room for all the new DVDs. LOL