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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Attention 1NightStand addicts.

Looking for a different kind of Christmas tale?
Haven't read science fiction romance, but love paranormal? Been wondering what all the fuss is about? Then I've got just the story for you to pop your science fiction romance cherry, on.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to cross genres. Paranormal and science fiction, you betcha. Futuristic with military, but of course. One of my favorite stories I've penned for Decadent's 1NightStand series, This Endris Night offers a little bit of everything, from the rugged landscape of Alaska, to an alien mystery frozen inside a glacier and hidden within the genes of an indigenous population. So come visit my world, where a dangerous game of cat and mouse comes to a head.
 One night. One party of a lifetime. One secret a century old which could end it all.

Shiya, a Yupik supermodel, travels to Alaska in pretense of attending a party where she’ll find the man of her dreams. But her real intent is to lure the man of her nightmares to where she can finally end a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Gunnar is on Earth for one reason—to recover the wreckage of a Doppelganger crash that is scattered for miles, throughout an Alaskan resort and human settlements. In order to get closer to the ship’s debris, he agrees to a date and finds himself face to face with a Terran woman who doesn’t know her genetics are from his world, or that she’s being tracked by someone whose duty is to eliminate all threats to their secret. Shiya’s heritage has placed her at the top of the killer’s list.

Now the only way to save her, is to claim her, and Shiya isn’t about to make it easy.

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Unusual Worlds You Will Want to Get Lost In.

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